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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  March 17, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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happy st. patrick's day. >> this is the most transparent administration in history. >> withou>> the most transparent white house in history. >> this has been the most on thatrent government, most we have seen in a very, very long time, perhaps in the modern era. neil: i don't know. here is the thing about making promises like that, they are on videotape or digital tape, they are recorded.
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priding himself on being open and transparent didn't exactly practice what he preached. according to a new analysis, the obama white house all wore censored. he is a government's own figures from 99 federal agencies. covering nearly six years. essay reveals the obama white house has kept a very tight rein on information. citing withholding stuff and 8096 times. that is a thousand 496 times the administration refused to provide information for security concerns. often the white house employed what it calls a deliberate process to explain withholding information. in other words if you wanted something, you had to wait and wait, and then most of the time he didn't get what you wanted anyway because i nearly 200,000
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locations the government said it couldn't find the records it requested or often completely block out all pages. not a page out of open government but a reminder of how secretive this administration has been. last you a record 704,394 such requests, up 8% for the prior year which was a record. much has been written about how guarded the white house was. a little more than fe years in, nothing. compared to this administration now. and just try to get details on who know what and when on the spots health care rollout. freedom of information requests are out but any relative information could be years off, mamaybe long after the administration is gone. no wonder what my next guest are sounding off about this. they have tried get information themselves.
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they have both seen this secrecy firsthand. i guess none of this would be a big shocker to you. >> i have to say this not as if journalists are sitting around washington, d.c., having a beer saying thank god we are working under the most transparent government in history, it is so easy to get information now. that is not what is going on despite the happy rhetoric. the senator said just this week in response to these revelations you screwed up in a, the temptation to shovel it under the bottom of a pile is strong. it does not matter democrat or republican is in power. neil: the argument is if you can say it is a security issue, let them fight it out. it is long past its relevancy.
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not long after the fact, right? >> no question about it. not a right wing smear machine saying the president is not particularly transparent. it is his own left-wing base. they are mocking him for his transparency claim. even "new york times" editor said earlier this year this is the most secretive administration in u.s. history were at least dating back to reagan. this is not just some mythical thing the right is dredging up that they are not being transparent. everyone agrees this administration is the least transparent in their memory. neil: you can't cite when they knew what and when when it was a justice department going after a reporter like james rosen. these go beyond national security, it would seem
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relatively easy to put in a freedom of information request and get to the bottom of it, but even then the delay is really uncultured. >> this report found, i think, six requests turned down from the farm services agency. all due respect to you, you can cite national security on things that have absolutely nothing to do with it. neil: if a rejection like that comes back and says you couldn't get this farm data off because it would be a threat to national security. i am thinking i did not know. the national security issue, but it gets to be silly. but nobody balks at it. >> i think in fact people do, reporters complain all the time about this sort of thing. unfortunately it is the status quo. when you hear another report coming back with these massive
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blocks of texts redacted. there was some that were just the header of the document and pages and pages of black squares. neil: that was my college thes thesis. here is what worries me. catherine hit on the fear here, this will just accelerated. republican democratic administration and even now with release a lot of clinton records coming out, hundreds of thousands of patients, how anybody compiles that much over the course of the administration. there is all the more reason to hide a lot of it from the public. when we do get wind of it, it is oftentimes decades after the fact. >> it has increased since president obama has been president. the ap study said from his first year until now the number of things that haven't been
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released by the president have only increase. the most problematic thing about this from the president. he came into office as a moral man. everyone before him less transparent, less confident, the appointed lobbyist. issue after issue after issue he appears to be more of the same, if not worse. neil: that is a trend that worries me. the person behind this twitter picture landing itself behind bars. is this a legal issue? start checking the folks flying them. in malaysia mystery continues. so our business can be on at&t's network for $175 a month? yup. all 5 of you for $175.
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mr. that the captain went crazy. isn't it time we really beef up the pilot background checks? former assistant director, what do you make of this? still early on but a lot of questions being raised about this guy. >> yes, there are a ton of questions being raised about it. it may be at a point right now where we don't have enough information to form a real solid concrete conclusion. with that said, however, the other pilot like this had a sophisticated simulator in his house, nobody is going in that home for all these days. be that as it may, he has a similar in his house, passion for flying. who else has had access to that simulator in his house? is a friend who he has taught to fly a plane, all those kind of
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things pilots ought to be vetted frequently to see if they have these kind of simulators or if they taught somebody how to fly. nobody should be hired who hasn'hasundergone an accredited certified school. learning to do these kind of things are not healthy in this industry. neil: you know more than i do, but i am told that is not unusual to have practice simulators and what have you but to your points this seems a very sophisticated, very advanced. >> yes, it did. what concerns me here is the fact if in fact this pilot had somebody else that nobody knows about, you don't have to know how to take it off or put it back down on the ground, but enough to what happened on 9/11, they just knew how to fly a plane into an object. if we had a pilot training somebody else, they ought to be
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vetted including a polygraph. very difficult for people to accept, but that is what should happen if we have these situations. neil: it is growing as people were looking at an engineer working on the plane. 29-year-old malaysian flight engineer. the people who work on the planes are flying the plane's who might have been or could have been causing problem on the plane. how do you vet all those? a different standard in this country from abroad. >> there certainly are. you can force people to do things in this country or require them that won't apply in other countries. we try to do cutting edge things in this country, it simply does not spread throughout the world like that. i don't know what the ultimate
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answer is, neil. i only know in this particular case somebody has been looking at the consequences of having that sophisticated equipment in a pilots home. neil: one goes to the bathroom, the other was a questionable character locks the door and got god knows what. a host of others, one guy just goes nuts was hell-bent on a suicide mission and takes down a plane with him. those are by far the exception to the rules. buit have been enough to give me pause. >> i couldn't agree more. the other thing that sticks in my mind is the pilot who shows up at the flight time and wants to ride in the cockpit going back to another place. i don't know what the requirements are for airlines,
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i'm sure his part of the manifest, his identity would show up, you don't know if that is true. people show up for a ride, they say no problem. you don't even know if you have another additional person. neil: with that guy pass a psychology test or something that would indicate whether there is something missing there, or do all of these characters, not to make a general statement, pass inspection? >> i think everybody has to be vetted, neil p had i don't know what system can be employed, but we have to start thinking about it. neil: thank you very much. in the meantime, tweet it and reap. it could get you locked up. in stephen colbert starting a twitter war with us.
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neil: here we go again, time for twitter. more twitter users are getting into trouble because of twitter. a 20-year-old man arrested after tweaking this message saying he will fire off a weapon if he gets 100 retweetsw. it was threatening. is this latest sample of people running into trouble for what they post online? is it deserved or not deserve? a teacher fired for tweeting she likes to smoke pot. another when a waiter was like go for tweeting how lame his uniform at work is.
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the attorney says you have to be very careful what you post, but david argues you should be able to have some social media freedom. but there are limits. right? >> nobody is debating whether or not this was stupid. neil: the guy with the 100 retweets. >> it was not even funny, nobody is debating that. but is this level of illegal conduct? i believe it does not rise to that level. it is too vague and ambiguous. i understand the police being fearful once this is brought to their attention. i don't think this will stick because the person doing this must have a reasonable fear. who has a reasonable fear? the public at large? i don't think this makes the wreck requisite elements. neil: if you like the one, don't
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follow up on something. >> stupid is as stupid does. live in a completely different day and age right now. there is specificity to this particular event that he posted a photograph of a window with a rifle, that was identified as los angeles street. all they need is one individual who felt threatened by this individual's actions. i think they can make that. neil: ironically we went to twitter to get your reaction. one person writing in today's world a threat has to be taken seriously. anyone who does this needs to have their head examined. freedom of speech is gone in this country, so you look at all of this, you have folks on twitter who sends maybe this guy went too far, but none of them are withholding their own strong
11:22 pm
comments. where do you draw that line? >> have to agree with not a high level of speech we want to pfister protecting itself. it is hard to draw that line. i will not support the substance of what he has to say but hasn't crossed the threshold of something you have to stop. neil: who cares. >> it sounds like a very black letter looking at it through a vacuum but you are kind of forced to draw the line sometimes. i'm not advocating this is important speech, does not rise to the level. neil: what are the legal dos and don'ts? you are there for the world to see and hear. there must be an etiquette or behavior. >> you are held accountable for your actions. if you make a criminal threat online it is the same as making criminal threat in person.
11:23 pm
electronic communication satisfies element for criminal threat. neil: if he were have acted on that and god for bid shot up some people, would twitter be liable in that event? >> that is not something i handle. i do criminal law. neil: is he liable? >> to review that is not the case. by the way that these people are communicating is not typical for something like twitter to be held directly. neil: no matter if it is taken to the extreme or not. >> the general rule is a third-party provider is not held directly. >> the individual would be liable. neil: thank you. the white house finally getting tough, but a guy who says china could be ready to pounce. >> today i'm announcing a series of measures increasing to put
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neil: well, we're getting tough on russia, president said that europe is getting tough on russia too. did you notice what has been left out. one country h who has been sile, and not helping us so far, that country is china. the further we push russia away the more ominous china's silence could look, peter, best selling author of "becoming china's b.f. bitch" welcome. >> if you corner russia they are
11:28 pm
likely to do the least thing you want them to do, we have to be aware of i try an laying that is business set up, china has been reserveed, they have be on stained in security council -- be on stained in security council votes. neil: what do you read into that? >> i tepid, nonacceptance, they set out language that said we continue to watch carefully. we think that trouble is largely causeed by the west. there is a reince for that. neil: all right -- there is a a reason for that. neil: look into that reason they need natural gas and other energy that comes out of the ukraine. ukraine. in december, just december, president went over and with former prime minister signed a 0 billion trade pact over 5
11:29 pm
years, that is a very interesting and important part of the world for china, if you want to follow china's foreign policy, follow their checkbook. neil: let's say we follow-up with these sanctions. -- up goes along, but it is not a slamdunk they will. china said that west may be getting too hank. hank -- harsh, let's say that russian ex s crimea >> are a number of european nationing that get all there are natural gas from russia, finland, sweden, there are many others that get most. there is only so hard we can push. we have two speeds, on the ground in crimea, it is rapid fire, adopts the ruble, and
11:30 pm
adopting moscow starnar stan st, they are going russia as fast as they can be done. sanctions are slow. deliberately painful, and long lasting, that will be tough for us to manage, and china will watch, and see what happens. neil: china is roots for russia the lesser of the evils. >> there are hardliners in russia, saying we need aurein europe-asian counter weight. neil: they have been dealing with terror, and renegadeing in their midst, they meeting sympathetic. >> i think have you it china is going to watch this because, if they play their cards right. they will look for russia to turn to them, if there is a turning off of oil and gas requirement that go into europe,
11:31 pm
that oil will go somewhere, it may throw east. neil: that would be -- then we would have to respond to china? >> a very tricky thing. neil: thank you peter. >> always a pleasure. neil: i think. one thing to pray healt health e law goes away, just in case 200 cat lik00cat
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11:35 pm
this is not g about abortion. this is a legal tapbg tapbgt toa case, any response from anyone in government at-this-point? >> well, we fileed a lawsuit, we're not expecting a response yet, i'm sure we'll have one soon, and government will oppose it. neil: individual right thing, and personal freedoms, explain how the law violates those. >> well, catholic leaders, in united states have supported universal health care, they are not opposed to program in general but what we call in law the, the cask mandate, contraceptives, abortion introduceing drugs and devices and sti sterileization, the lawt
11:36 pm
seek s exemption for three groups of catholic employers, a tote o of one 186 catholic empl. this is a class-action lawsuit, we represent more catholic employers than that. but the first group of employers, are those that are exempt under government regulation, they would consist of diocese and religious orders, parishs and groups like that, the government calls them houses of worship, they arei except, te problem with those, is they like to sponsor benefit plans for afilliated ministries, as law sits right now they have to kick those groups out of their plans unless they can get relief. neil: a lot argue a lot of laws come down to washington to which many americans are more olli --
11:37 pm
moraly opposeed how would you differentiate? >> under the lead claim we have to prove cask mandate burdens our religious exercise, for catholic organizations we believe that aboring introduceing -- abortion introduceing drugs are taking lives of unborn to facilitate would burden our religious exercise. that is harm we prove it is well established in the law that burdening a constitutional right is a justiceable harm, the third group are closely held for profit catholic employers, like here in colorado, one is lurk leashercules industry. neil: fascinating, i am watching this closely, this is not a open and shut case this is a bigger personal attack line. martin thank you.
11:38 pm
>> it is. okay. >> thank you, sir. not luck of the irish with weather, we got snow in dc, snow in philadelphia, and on st. paddyy day everyone talking about warm. except our next guy, saying that this whole climateechange thing is overblown. but it is the rigor, what do you say? you have had nothing but grief challenges this global consensus that is far from a consensus, right? >> who are you going to believe, are you going to believe these people are oh, your eyes when you look outside. neil: they say this part of it, as weird as it sounds this is just what we told you would happen, neil. >> yes, that is -- i can accept that if that was true. there is an article in u.k.
11:39 pm
independent, in 2000, the end of snow, children will never see another sho snow stpho fall, a a doctor from the research unit. a prominent organization in this climate debate, that scientist said that children will never see snow fall, then "new york times" a month ago, with an article, the end, snow? question mark, they can't have it both way, were they right when they said snow equals globeing warming or now they say global warming means more snow, somehow they have to square that circle. neil: you know, they might change global warming to just climate change, you can't lose if you name it something like that climate does change, that is a nice cover.
11:40 pm
>> climate changes day, it is cold in the morning and warms up in the day, asthma, one said -- asthma, once said they can blame every weather event everywhere did time on climate change, but they have to be more rigous, we're talking scientists, they said 10 years ago it is the end of snow, now it means more snow, sorry, that is not good enough, it was global warming, now climate change, i would like a scientific explanation why that term changeed like that. but they won't debate it have you dr. michael mann from university of pennsylvania suing journalists for questioning him, for questioning you know, his science, as if it is some kind of tablet on highest not to be challengeed. sorry, that is note america that is not journalism or science,
11:41 pm
science, einstein he gave his theory he immediately inviteed his assistance sto challeng to t only then would he put it ford. the -- forward, the proof is outside what you see 6 inches of snow on st. patrick's day. neil: do you feel, whether they mention glasers and -- glazers and melts and water levels are rising, saying that. missing that and he is leaves that out. focusing on whatever given storm in the u.s., what do you say? >> i would agree with that, maybe i am you know too parochial looking at east coast of america, but they do the same, ni scientists do the same, when there is a drought in california, they say this is climate change. well, if the drought in california is global warming, why can't i look at snow stormo eastern coast of united states
11:42 pm
say, la loney as -- bologna as we say in ireland. neil: i thought that was machine american phrase. >> make you know, ought the same really. i would not really want to use the irish phrase on family television. >> a please ar, yo -- you have . i right into the belly of the beast taking on the environmentists, thank you, happy st. paddy's day. >> thank you. neil: go daddy go public? maybe that explains for going conservative? >> i would like to be on a commercial. >> when will you be advertising, go dady i went like this. >> by now you must realize you are upsetting the committee. >> i'm sorry. -- i am peace of mind is important when you're running a business.
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neil: well, go daddy go, refreshing ting to see a companh a business model planning ongoing public. i am hearing about this candy crush, it has a valuation ahead of its ipo 7.5 billion, for a game? i don't know, go daddy, should be getting the buzz it is getting, because it does benefit people, it is about getting jobs, a tested strategy, to gary and rob. following all this, gary k, what do you make of the differentiate or. >> go daddy has 1. fur billion 4 million in revenues they control domain
11:47 pm
names they follow, with king we have games, we have an example of zynga that went public, and stock went down, because, games are faddish. neil: how would you play it? >> neither. >> really? >> go daddy could be a momentum stock out of the chute, don't know. if you are willing to play with your money, that is fine. >> so many in that business now? >> have you apple 9 times earnings, and google, you need to play in that game? we don't, at least my firm doesn't. but, you know, he is right about zinga. and that other stock, that -- zynga crashed and burned. neil: it reminds you, of the
11:48 pm
frogy nature of that. -- frothy nature of this, what's app fetchs a huge price tag, it gives you a sense, done we do this before, are we doing it again. do you worry about that? >> it gives me the willies, this reminds me of 99, and 2006, last week a company, came public with a billion dollar market cap, $13 million in sales, last few weeks a few biotechs came public with zero sales, this is what leads to a diso disaster, bad news and news, bad news will be some of the stocks will be down 80%, and good news that ipo bear out great stocks down the road in 90s you never heard of an ebay or american on-line, and 2000s who knew wha what a googls or a facebook. neil: you were shaking your head through that? >> this is not 1999.
11:49 pm
there are great companies, selling at reasonable p/es, world is growing faster something like 7 mist million 750 million middle class families in 20 years, they will use computers and cars, the large caps are not getting frothy. >> i was alludeing to ipos they are ridiculous valuations at any price. neil: and now, a group of over 2 dozen attorneys, urging ceos walmart, rite aid -- others to stop selling tobacco products. a lot of the investors get out. >> i work for my clients, have to be careful, some say don't buy me tobacco or alcohol or whatever, so, sans that. cvs up about 4% year-to-date,
11:50 pm
walgreens up 17, walgreens is across the street in cvs, i can't imagine it is not people thinking radio. neil: walgreens sells tobacco, and cvs does not. >> right, we think that affordable care act put the people in their stores. neil: gary, if he is right you follow this in, in the case where everyone but cvs makeso 13. >> drug store chains are en few ego -- en fuego, i would stay away from tobacco, they have not been bull market stocks, they have everything against them, not only attorneys general, but america talking about getting away from tobacco, i find it amazeing in a time where everyone is trying it legalize ize weed they want to get rid of tobacco, the name of the game.
11:51 pm
neil: if you think of if legalizizeize weed food stocks e going through the roof. >> buy stocks in dorito. neil: do you like markets at these levels. >> long-term, all these new people, are owning cars, owning cell phones, useinging too paste deodorant in the world this is good for multinational u.s., we are global typically wee right now we're about 10% foreign, no, merging markets, there no reason to take that risk when u.s. seem tos be only stable game in town. we think that the smartest place to be now. neil: gary, i can't and market willy-nilly advances in face of russia maybe going to war. maybe it dismisses it, or it doedoesn't care? >> i think front and center is
11:52 pm
printing of money not only here but across the globe. they pullback a little bit, it still a ton of money, and i think unless we go into a big recession, i think that market will be okay, but i believe we're getting late stage, it has been 5 years, i am seeing a lot of characteristics of that late stage, the ipos at r prices, a lot of froth. neil: thank you, good having you. >> you want to know what the deal is? i'm going to tell you what the deal is? that colbert guy? we're in a war -- well it's a funny war. funny war. but anyway, we're so our business can be on at&t's network for $175 a month? yup. all 5 of you for $175. our clients need a lot of attention. there's unlimited talk and text. we're working deals all day. you get 10 gigabytes of data to share. what about expansion potential? add a line, anytime, for $15 a month. low dues, great terms.
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introducing the 2014 glk. the engineering and the experience of mercedes-benz. see your authorized dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. neil: broadcast miracle that has taken the nation by storm. your chance to let me have it, any question, any time, mike, from wyoming, what's the deal
11:56 pm
with you still being on air, i thought they canceled you years ago, still here mike, thank you very much. >> sandra, what is the deal with your whineing? is there anything you like. yes, if you were p to like me go away. >> melissa in houston, i watched you for years and marvel at how you make numbers fun, unfortunately i don't like numbers even when you do so, sorry i'm off to o'reilly. really melissa? leaving a fun guy like me that for that kill joy? you don't deceive me, go heed. ahead. >> iraq's form are information minister, i am worse than him? worse than him? okay. and do you remember this.
11:57 pm
fox business news is neil cavuto, has a warning about hid else danger of paying people for their work. >> businesses and republicans say it overkill, does he risk reward s those who did not deserve those buck. >> yes you pay people who don't deserve it, and before you know it you have hired neil cavuto. neil: hurtful tweeting after the fact. the same dig but then, you guys, immediately jumping to my defense, by the dozens, a mana, i love cavuto more than you colbert, as at least he sounds out all of his letters in his last name, true. >> and you are funny colbert for a liberal but neil is witty, and he actually knows what he is
11:58 pm
talking about. neil, i love the way you present the news, your sense of humor is suburb. and steve, thinks those pushing overtime are targeting somebody, you want to ask where is the time and a half for our military people. ditto, at yahoo! treat military like great nation building instution it is and focus less on hand out that create a lazy nation of give me takers. i hear you. >> and remembering david brenner, a comedy legend who made the foun points on this vey show humor goes a long way, maybe some folks in washington should remember that. >> do you look at this and each side playing the fear game, you know, republicans say you gut the military, and gemcrats say you throwing grandma off the cliff, she is going to eat alpo,
11:59 pm
rational people have to say calm down. >> always calm down, they are always in a state of panic, my father every 4 years, he went out and voteed for president, he wrote in his name. i am serious. i remember when i was about 12 years old, high said, i think i got it this time. you know, you know, i think that people have to realize, if they can't laugh it, we can laugh at anything, we're laughing ita right now, if you can't laugh it, stay calm, it is going to work out. >> he would last at both sides, all sides all of the time, he appeared on tonight show record 158 times, no one more than he. many of you are sad to see him go, i used to love, sneaking to living room late in 1970s i knew he would be on carson, neil, he was always on my favorite list, when he appeared on carson, i would agree, very classy man, and career, ther very classy li.
12:00 am
we're going to miss you dave, good night, thank you, david brenner gone way even if you are pasty as a bag of wet sand, you can see a doctor for free, or something like that. the white house has stumbled upon groundbreaking gifts having those fickle millennials stampeding. we will show you the it. if you are primping or if you have missing plane fatigue, fear not, you're in good company because


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